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What Is "Let The Bible Speak?"

Why are there so many churches? They all claim to follow the Bible but have different teachings and practices. Is it possible for all Christians to understand the Bible in the same way and become united? Are we currently going to follow the Old or the New Testament? Who will be saved when Jesus suddenly returns? Do you want to be equipped to teach the Word of God to others? This basic theology course from World Bible School is FREE!

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How to Study

There are two ways to study “Let the Bible Speak!” You can register online, or you can download our free mobile app and study on the go. The mobile app uses limited data so you can study offline, and upload your progress later.

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Study Helper Information

When you begin a study, a study helper will join you to aid in your study. They will grade your quizzes, answer questions you may have, and give you guidance along the way.

When I stumbled onto your website, it opened up the world for me. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ brought me to your site to be saved and baptized by water and the Holy Spirit as well. As a WBS Student, I found myself lost in the Word of God and soaking it up like a sponge. May God bless you and the staff of WBS.
It is a joy to study with sincere WBS Students that want to study the Bible. Believe me the time is well spent. Many Students are so excited to study the Bible lessons! The Great Commission is still for me. I love being able to study with Students from all around the world with WBS. It’s a wonderful experience!
George Funk
WBS Study Helpers do the teaching and we do the reaching. Mission work is about seeking and saving the lost. WBS finds the open doors for us free of charge. Partnering with WBS is a smart way of doing mission work.

This study is powered by World Bible School. WBS’s mission is to share the Good News of Jesus with the world using everyday Christians and interactive Bible studies.

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