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There is no greater book than the Bible. In the Bible you learn where you come from, why you are here and where you are heading after this life. There are many conflicting messages in the “religious” world. By reading the Bible directly, you learn how simple God’s plan really can be for your life.

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The Master Series

The Master Series is World Bible School’s core curriculum. It reveals what the Bible teaches about God, His Son, His Gospel of grace, His church and His new way to life.

The Bible is relevant to human kind, presenting God to man. How did we get the Bible? Is it trustworthy? Does it apply to me, today? What is the “Good News” of the Bible?

God reveals Himself and His will for you in the Bible. What does God say about Himself? Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I be “right with God”?
God’s message in the Bible is “good news”! How does God want me to respond to it? What is faith that “saves”? How can I be sure about my faith? What do I receive from God’s good news?

Jesus makes remarkable promises to those who “know” Him. How can I know Jesus? What do prophets and eye-witnesses say about Him? Is Jesus God’s Son? Why did He die? Is He alive today?

Jesus speaks of being “born again” to live a new life. What does He mean? Can I really have a fresh start in life? Why is the cross so important? How can I face death with assurance?
God has chosen a family of His very own—and He wants you to be a part of it. Who has God chosen? Me? How can I know? What does the word “church” really mean? What is His purpose for my life?
God offers every single person a new purpose and a joyful life. How does He want me to live? Can I really change? Is the Holy Spirit real-and really at work in my life? How can I help others?
When I stumbled onto your website, it opened up the world for me. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ brought me to your site to be saved and baptized by water and the Holy Spirit as well. As a WBS Student, I found myself lost in the Word of God and soaking it up like a sponge. May God bless you and the staff of WBS.
It is a joy to study with sincere WBS Students that want to study the Bible. Believe me the time is well spent. Many Students are so excited to study the Bible lessons! The Great Commission is still for me. I love being able to study with Students from all around the world with WBS. It’s a wonderful experience!
George Funk
WBS Study Helpers do the teaching and we do the reaching. Mission work is about seeking and saving the lost. WBS finds the open doors for us free of charge. Partnering with WBS is a smart way of doing mission work.

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