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My Personal Journey Toward God

My Personal Journey Toward God


Before you begin this WBS course, you have an important step to take.

Think about your closeness to God.

Do you think you are right with God? Or do you feel far from God?

Does your life need a fresh start?

As you begin this course…

The purpose of this self-evaluation quiz is to help you see "where you are" spiritually. Then you can better choose "where you want to go" – what you most want to gain – from this Scripture study.

So, as you begin this course, this quiz helps you record your personal view of where you are right now in your own spiritual journey. A record of your own original thinking helps you greatly as you watch your progress through this Bible course.

Consider your life until now.

Now, in your mind, review your spiritual journey and record your own thinking at this time. At the end of this course, you can review your answers to this quiz and see how far you have come.

For each statement, click on the button to mark the answer that best describes your life right now.

For many people baptism is an important step in life’s journey. Religions have different meanings for the word "baptize." Therefore we offer several statements different people might make. Mark your own answer for each statement. Choose the answer that fits what has already happened in your own life.

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