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Which Life?

This is Good News

One life to live… but which one? Some say, “Live for yourself.” Yet, when others live selfishly, where does that leave you? Isn’t there something larger than “self” —something better for relationships, something more to live for?

Some live for their dreams. When dreams fail, what then? People say, “Follow your heart.” How can you follow a shattered heart? Do your feelings ever become confused? Can we look beyond ourselves to something more dependable?

Life spills away like water. What’s the point? To feed a body that must be buried too soon? Is there more to reality than this surface view?

Some people find comfort in their religions. Yet, for many, their choices were made for them. They were born into the beliefs of the place where they happened to live. They haven’t explored for themselves and reached their own conclusions. What if they had been born in another place with different beliefs? Would those other beliefs be true? How can our beliefs reflect reality, and not just chances of birth or changing feelings? Please take a few moments to explore a unique story about a better way. It may become your own story.

A Better Story?

Some people pre-judge the Bible. They link it to corrupt religions. In fact, the Bible teaches against greed and cruelty. Many who claim to be “Christians” are not like Jesus, the “Christ” of the Bible. This is not about their stories. Rather, discover for yourself the Bible’s own story. Let the Bible speak for itself about life’s purpose.

Now, think of the Olympic Games. Picture the archery contest. An archer pulls back on his bow, then releases his arrow. The arrow flies straight to the target’s center. The Bible is like that. For the purpose of following its story, think of the Bible as having five arrows. Each flies true. Each has a point. Each proves that life—your life—has the highest purpose and promise.

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